Monday, June 20, 2011

Late Night Rant

So, it's around two in the morning, I'm tired, and The Beatles are singing about marshmallow pies. I have no idea what possesed me to continue writing this late at night, and I'm already starting to forget what I put at the beginning of this post. This should be fun. My head is starting to hurt, and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with all of this blasted thinking I've been doing, but who knows. I figure if I just keep ignoring the fact that what I type is acually going on a screen I won't have to think of the possibility that my spelling might be utterly humiliating. my grandmother tried to teach me how to spell when i was little. Her only suxcess was teaching me how to spell coffee, and that one took her around a month if I remember rithg. I just mixed up the letters in that last word and I refuse to fix it. For some reason i find this utterly hilarious, so i'm sitting all alone at two in the morning laughing at my own spelling mistakes. You would thing that at some point I'd just get tired of capitalizing i's, but apparently as much as I refuse to fix other errors, i will not compromise on my I's. I just re read what I wrote, and had to capitalize all of the I's because apparently I'm secritly a failure at pushing the shift key. A really groovy song just came on my ipod and I must relate to the computer journal what it is. . . if only I would stoop typing all of the ridiculous thing in my head long enough to accually check it. Ok. It's called I Feel Fine. I'm not putting this in parenthesis because i'm a rebel. I just learned how to put my ipod on shuffel today and I must say I love it. Head Pain.! i wonder what would happen if i stopped useing the backspace key. I'm going to. Dear Lord please help whoever has little enought sense to be reading all of this and wasting their time to understand the process my mind is going throught. oops. thats supposed to be a h over there .I can see this post is just going down hill from here. i wonder what my mother would say if she saw mye wasting my sleep-time on something so completely absured. Maybe I should just sleep mow. yeah. P.S. Mr. Langley, you should probably just disregard this.

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