Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Journal 2

In the river that runs to the sea there are many different creatures. Some of whom are kind, and others wicked. The truly kind creatures are easy to spot, but those that would betray trust for their own gain are much harder to see. Here follows the story involving one such betrayal.

Not long ago a very lovely den lay in the side of the river. It was in the grassy bank of one of the river's slower portions, and half of hole was above the surface of the water. As inconvenient as this may sound, it was situated so that through out the day light played in changing colors on the top of the water and on the sand underneath. There lived a rather large catfish, and needless to say he was the envy of many in that stretch of the river.

One day a rather young bass introduced himself to the catfish. He was a very well mannered and polite bass, so the catfish invited him to have tea with him in his den. The bass, who claimed to have always wanted to see such a place, readily agreed. While the catfish was making the tea, the bass looked around and noticed an opening in the back of the den. He asked where it went. "Oh, no where." replied the catfish.

When night came and the only light in the catfish hole was that of the stars and moon, the bass crept back in. The catfish awoke in the morning to find his self outside his den, with many bass inside. When he tried to run them out from the back enterance, he fount it too filled with bass. Knowing that there was little more he could do, he left.

When word got around that the catfish had been removed from his cave, many creatures were outraged, especially the beavers. The beavers, it would seem, had been very good friends with the catfish. They had a dam nearby, and they warned all the fish in the area and broke it open.

The water came rushing down the river quickly and strongly, and even the catfish's den was no protection from it. When the water slowed to its normal pace, the other creatures found that the bass were gone and the catfish had returned.

Thus it is that you should never abuse people's hospitality, because people who offer it often have friends.

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