Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Journal 14

I honestly have no idea what a day in the life a Benjamin Franklin would be like, and as for the thought of what I would do as his apprentice, it is irrelevant. Girls were never apprenticed. Although I guess the entire subject is irrelevant because I am no more a young man than I am alive during a time in which I could have even met him. So I guess all that is relevant for me to think about is what a day in the life of Benjamin Franklin would be like.

I guess what he would do in a day really depends a lot on what age he was. He lived in England for a while, and after that owned a printing press. During that time I suppose he would spend his day at his business, printing and the like. After he retired he started conducting experiments with electricity, and would have spent his days on such tests as he could devise. He was also involved with the politics of his community, and later of the entire country. He wrote many letters to different friends, and wrote an autobiography besides. I would imagine that these things took up a good deal of his time, as writing is generally a slow process without modern pens that do not need dipped in ink every few words.

It somewhat baffles me how he could accomplish so much in his life, and how he balanced out his days and life. Maybe he alternated hours with his different tasks, spending one writing, another inventing, and another after that experimenting. Perhaps he spent entire days on a single subject until its object was accomplished, like I typically find myself doing. With all of these different activities in his life, he also managed to invent many things that made peoples' lives easier and safer. His life has me wondering what is possible for people like me if he could do so much in his life.

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