Thursday, October 13, 2011

Right and Wrong

If I were to make my own rules about right and wrong, the first thing I would decide is that it is wrong to take advantage of people for any reason whatever. It does not matter if you steal from them, hurt them, or pretend you love them to try to get over your last girlfriend (even though that last example may be a bit too specific and personal). It is just not right. What claim do other people have to what belongs to you, to what you have worked for? In my opinion they should not have any. Using people emotionally is even worse, because then not only do you have something taken from you, like a first kiss, but that something that gets taken away means much more than any physical object a person could possibly covet. And unlike physical objects, a first kiss and time wasted are things that can not ever be gotten back. Maybe if something is stolen from you you would be upset, but if that something is not a physical object, you are more than upset. You are heartbroken.

The only other important rule I can think of is that people should never lie. I think that should include lying by withholding information. A person cannot make a reasonable decision or govern their feelings properly if they are basing such decisions on information that is wrong. Everyone knows that it is wrong to mislead people, so why do people do it? lying makes the person lied to feel manipulated and very, very hurt. It would be very hard to stand if someone you cared about lied to you in that manner, and depending on how much that person was cared about, it could really destroy a friendship and everything good in a person's life (and for once I am not being overly dramatic).

I am beginning to think that this was a very bad choice of journal topic to assign to me today.

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