Monday, September 26, 2011

Journal 10

I do not think that you should postpone the vocabulary assignment until Wednesday. What kind of class would this be if we could always persuade you to change your plans every time we did not want to do an assignment? We would never get anything done if that was the case, and this class would be eighty minutes of waste. Nearly none of our instructors let us influence the plan of their classes, and the ones that do are viewed as push-overs or lazy teachers by their students. Besides that, it would get us out of the habit of having vocabulary to do every night, which would make it harder to remember to get it done on nights when we do have homework.

I also think that vocabulary is a good thing to work on several times a week. In an argument I recently had with a freshman, the poor girl had to ask me what every other word out of my mouth meant. Either this girl was especially ignorant, or the students of Pleasant Plains could really use some more time spent on studying vocabulary. This freshman sounded horribly ignorant having to ask me what I was saying all of the time, and I think that it would help her later in life a good deal if she learned the meaning of more words. Let's face it, no one is going to want to hire a person who does not understand what they are being told to do.

In general putting things off until the future is a really bad idea. Soon things fall far behind, and we have to cram as much possible into a very short amount of time, and because of that we learn less of it. Even if it does not come to running so far behind, it still gets a person in the bad habit of putting things off. Once that habit is formed, it can be hard to break when something important and time consuming needs to be done.

I think that putting off the vocabulary homework is a bad idea, and that we should really just get it done tonight.

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