Thursday, September 1, 2011

Journal 3

What would I do if I were held hostage? I have never thought about it before, but I wonder if anyone would even dare take me as a hostage. I would undoubtedly be horrible at it. In fact, it would be more tempting to laugh at them than cringe in fear. If it was a situation like Mary Rowlandson's, I would probably end up causing more problems for the people who were in charge of me than I could be of use. I do not learn how to do new things very well, and when I walk I am like a small force of destruction causing injury to myself and any others within a ten foot radius. After a week my captors would be begging me to leave.

I wonder how my captors would treat me. I am not easily scared, because I am convinced that the only way I could possibly die is in a car accident. As you would imagine, driving places makes me a little uncomfortable. But unless they made me drive them places, I doubt I would be very much afraid. Perhaps my total lack of fear would make them hate me, and let me go even before I destroy everything in a week. Or maybe it would make them like me enough to wait a week and a half before getting rid of me. I suppose it would depend on the kind of people they were, and whether they were really wicked (I rather like that word), or just ignorant and misled.

I am having a lot more fun considering how horrible the situation would be than I initially thought I would. My captors would think they were making things horrible for me, and in reality it would be them who would be pulling their hair out. Insert evil laugh here. Maybe if they kept me an entire month I could accidentally destroy the building I was staying in. Those poor kidnappers, they would have no idea what they would be in for.

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