Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Journal 7

I am not really sure that bullying is really the big deal that people make it out to be. Some people are always going to try pushing other people around, and even though it is really rude, things like that do not ever change. Bullying does effect people, but sometimes it is for the better.

When I was a young wee lass, first at Pleasant Plains, people made fun of me. I can understand why because I was strange and very naive, and for quite a while I did not even realize that they were making fun of me. I can not remember when, but at some point I discovered that they were making fun of me, and back then I actually cared about what people though of me, so I was really upset. For quite a while I thought back to that and thought it was the most horrible and embarrassing thing ever in my entire life. More recently, I can look back and see that because those people were so awful to me, I learned some of the more important social rules of school. Besides that, when they persisted teasing me after I realized what they were doing, I learned how to restrain my temper (because they would have kept at me longer if I had done something interesting like that) and answer them in a way that did not make me look foolish. It may sound cheesy, but having to put up with their insulting comments made me a stronger person.

That is not to say that there are no scars left over. They teased me by talking to me condescendingly, and cheering for me like I was some sort of fool who did not understand what was going on around them and needed encouragement for everything. Sometimes, like during track practice, when people are cheering for me when I am very far behind everyone (because I am always very far behind everyone) I get very mad. Even though them members of the track team genuinely want me to do well and are not making fun of me, I still slip into the mind set that they are. Because those idiotic kids made fun of me I can not handle it when peoeple try to compliment or encourage me.

Bullying had positive and negative effects, but for me I think that the good out weighs the bad.

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