Monday, November 7, 2011

Journal 15

I can only begin to imagine the plethora of problems that could accompany working with a person so far away. The problems become even worse if said partners have a poor work ethic, something I am especially worried about. Honestly, I'm getting a head ache just thinking about it.

One problem is probably going to be that our partners in another town might not be able to work and talk about things at the same time we are. Because if this it might become necessary for me to make time outside of school to work things out with them. This might become very frustrating, especially because they seem to enjoy using twitter a lot, and I have absolutely no inclination to ever visit that website.

If my other partners do not get things done on time, I am going to be in an especially bad position. It is hard to inspire a person to fear for their lives over emails or video chats, and still harder when they know how far away you are. I just really hope my partners get their work done on time and I do not have to worry about that.

Another potential problem is with the technology. I have an extreme aversion to it. I can not figure out how to use even the simplest of programs, and I can easily foresee a lot of problems with getting everything to work properly.

So, I am pretty concerned about how this project is going to work. Those are just the three most easy problems to predict, and my imagination is running wild with all of the many things that could and most likely will go wrong. I do not have good luck. I am half expecting all of my partners to be extremely sick, and all at different times so nothing gets done. This might be something important for me to learn how to do, but right now it seems pretty daunting.

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