Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Journal 19

To decide the importance of nature and spirituality in life and death, I guess that it really depends on the nature of life and death. I love to muse over both, but rarely look at the two together, preferring to see them as opposites. Nature and spirituality have a big effect on me, so I suppose they would have a big effect on my views of life and death as well.

I see life as this wonderful chance to do and feel everything that makes a spirit what it is (at least at the current moment, using the best of my eloquence to try describing it). I see death then, as the horrible ending to all of it. There was one night a few months ago that I got the unshakable feeling that I would not wake up in the morning, probably the product of my sister's incessant clinging and worrying about me. Anyway, I can not even begin to describe my emotional state, as I was completely convinced that I was going to die. Maybe that sounds silly, or insane, but I believed it without any doubt.

Returning to the original topic, I think that nature and spirituality are the things that make a soul shake off all the unimportant things of the world and feel that it is one being, complete and individual. I also think that because of this they are part of what makes the thought of death so frightening. I begin wondering if my soul would even exist after death, and that frightens me even worse than anything in life. I know that I am one being, complete and individual, and I want to exist.

I think that nature and spirituality should play a big part in life and death, because they are what make life worth the time. When I think of spirituality, I do not just think of belief of a God. I think of all of the emotions a person is capable of feeling, and without emotion what is the point of doing anything?

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