Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Journal 16

I am a little bit bad at using technology, that phrase meaning that my attempting to use technology has been known to cause computers to crash, people near me to catch fire, and zombie related global apocalypses to spontaneously destroy the entire human population (or at least the equivalent in frustration). I guess web sites like facebook and gmail would make things easier, considering that I actually know how to use them. I am really apprehensive about this whole project honestly. Even my individual projects have me concerned about getting everything posted on the right site and at the right place.

I do think it is probably important for me to figure out how to use computers for college. I am willing to bet that computers are going to be used a lot more in college than right now. As it currently is, I can only use Microsoft programs and the internet to a certain extent. When it comes to putting things on a web page I am completely at a loss, and when there is a problem with the computer its self I would suggest that everyone keep a hundred meter radius clear of me. Even at this very moment Elizabeth is explaining to me the first steps, and I am becoming more confused all of the time. If I do not figure this sort of thing out now, in college I am going to be in a whole mess of trouble.

So honestly I am just really not happy about this whole thing. I think it would be a little bit less concerning if the members of my group were in this school. That way if I had any serious problems I could just nix the computer and talk to them in person. After I get used to it, I do not think I will have a problem working with people from other schools, I am just worried that I will make a big mistake while I am first learning what to do.

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