Thursday, January 5, 2012

Journal 22: A Forced Poem

I love the ice and snow to fall on hills
Where sleds can gain the top and ride for thrills
And people in thick coats will spend the day
Trudging up hills to fall in speedy way.
Their faces bright and snow looking so clean
In sleds ranging from red to blue to green
The colors on the snow seem twice as bright
As they would have against anything but white.
I love to stop and watch for just a while
As the people all laughing will make me smile.
From the bottom to the top again
Sometimes to crash before they reach the end
They spend their time in perfect agony
With freezing limbs and hearts almost longing
To head inside and forget freezing cold
But even so their spirits soon grow bold.
As they reach the top their hearts begin to rise
To see the way the sleds race side by side
And all they think is "Ride down once again,
And maybe a few more times once that one ends."
I almost wish to join as I drive by
And see the way the sledders seem to fly
But with no time to spare I cannot stay
And sadly I continue on my way.


  1. Wow. That was really good. Your rhyming and your story was flawless!

  2. great job Anna the poem rhymed really well and was full of descriptions

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  4. Amazing!!! You have some really great talent. Your use of the iambic pentameter was perfect!!!

  5. Your poem was very well written and went along with the form that it should have. Your ideas of peoples feelings gives a Romanticism feel and your descriptions were well thought out. Good Job!

  6. Why are you so good at this. It was awesome, I liked the rhyming and the story your poem told. It was also pretty awesome how every single line was 10 syllables and you werent off just a little anywhere

  7. Good poem, but some of the lines are not 10 syllables.

  8. You used great detail and emotion in your poem. I was really able to picture what you were trying to portray in the poem.

  9. Anna, like always, quality work. It is easy to see that poetry is a strong suit of yours. Your poem had great detail and was written in a logical order that made the poem flow. Great Job.