Friday, January 13, 2012

journal 23

Personally, I find most scary stories and movies distasteful. They are all filled with cliche monsters, reasonless hauntings, and God awful plots. Often times the most frightening thing in the stories is all of the gore, which becomes less frightening all the time. The only scary movies I like are the psychological thrillers, like Silence of the Lambs. They are much more frightening because they are so much more realistic and possible. Most people do not believe in ghosts, and it is really only children who get scared of monsters, but crazy people exist all over the place. The build entire complexes just to hold all of the crazy people who commit violent crimes.

Poe's stories and poems are really wonderful because they are about things everyone worries about every once and a while. The Raven is about never seeing the people we love again after they die, which is terribly frightening. Just imagine all of the family and friends that will pass away before you, and that you will never see them again. And think again that after you die you will never see the people you love who are still living. I am almost in a panic just thinking about it, and I have not read the poem in years. One of his best stories, Mask of the Red Death, is about the spread of a deadly disease at a party. He writes about things that are really frightening because they are possible and horrible.

I used to hate scary movies because they frightened me so badly, but once I became used to things popping out on the screen every once in a while, I hated them because they were plot-less and pointless. Every once and a while I see a good one, which redeems my faith in them until the next time I chance to see a really bad one. At that point I go out and find a movie more to my taste and forget my previous poor choice.

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